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oleh: Ganefri, Aznil Mardin, Ulfia Rahmi, Asmar Yulastri

The aim of this paper is to examine the issue of the development of entrepreneurial skills of students in vocational education. Entrepreneurship education is a subject that is included in the curriculum of vocational education which aims to broaden the knowledge of the students to the world of entrepreneurship and to motivate them to become directly involved in the entrepreneurial world. However, the achievement of the objectives of the course is still far from what is expected, it is caused by the lack of experience gained by the students in the entrepreneurial course and by the lack of student ability to generalize from one course to the other courses. The recent learning process oriented on the theory that was less supported by the practice, so that the experiences gained were still abstract. The teaching model of production based learning is the main step in improving the entrepreneurial skills of the learners, it is caused by this model will synergize the knowledge (cognitive) and psychomotor abilities of students that have not been achieved well. The implication is that faculty and instructional designers need to design the learning that facilitates the students in order to have direct experiences especially in entrepreneurial courses (entrepreneurship).
Keyword: Models of Teaching, Product Based Learning, Entrepreneurship,

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