The purpose of this study was to test the effectiveness of formulation of blended learning validated and it’s practicality was counted from previous study. The model used for the overall study was ADDIE model of the five stages, namely Analysis, Design, Development,
Implementation, and Evaluation. This second year was the implementation phase to test the effectiveness of the formulation blended learning strategy on the School Curriculum Studies subjects. The activity began with implementing the learning process using blended learning strategy formulation with the formula of online learning and face-to-face 62.5% 37.5% applied to 40 students. Based on data analysis has been conducted on students’ final grades obtained by the value of the t test at the 0.05 level of 0.032. This proved that there were significant differences between the results of learning to use the strategy formulation blended learning with face-to-face lectures on the implementation of the curriculum in the Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology. In other words, the strategy formulation of blended learning was more effective than lectures conducted by face-to-face. The implication of this study need to be formulated of combination formulations face to face and online learning based on the characteristics of lecture material.

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